Fire in the Kitchen

**THERE’S A FIRE IN THE KITCHEN!** So you’re sitting peacefully and comfortably in the living room, watching your favorite episode of WALKER, TEXAS RANGER. The air is on, it’s cool and you’re sinking in to your Lazy Boy recliner. The kids are nowhere to be found. It’s the perfect Monday evening; nothing but time to enjoy some rest and relaxation. Just as Chuck Norris pulls out a shiny, chrome revolver to fire a perfect shot at the get away driver he’s got hold up in the barn, your wife starts screaming in the kitchen. You hear the sizzle of hot grease, and see the flicker of flames reflecting on the wall in the other room. What do you do? The crisis in the kitchen instantly becomes priority number one, right? All the other stuff you were focused on has now completely faded away and your soul life’s purpose is to put out the fire before it causes damage or worse! You, without any training at all, become an expert fire fighter, pulling up any-and-all knowledge you have and taking huge levels of action to stop a disaster. Your home and your family are at risk and you suddenly become a hero, running toward the danger without even a thought about what could happen to you. Isn’t it interesting how an event can change our priorities in an instant. Just a mere moment ago, you didn’t have time for anyone or anything besides chuck Norris and the witty band of rural gangsters he was fighting. Now, everything has shifted and that phenomenon begs this question: In our lives, if we took action in a manner as if there were a fire in the kitchen all the time, imagine the outcome! We would literally become real-life action heroes and we wouldn't even need people like Chuck Norris to help us live our lives vicariously through a 70” flat screen. Our lives would be filled with excitement and challenge. A few things to think about: 1. The kitchen is on fire! Your home and family depend on your level of action for survival, and for the happiness which you work every day to provide. 2. This type of urgency will keep you in check, helping you set priorities that make a difference in the lives of those you love. 3. If you approach life like it’s a fire in the kitchen, you’ll find yourself ignoring the negative world around you such as TV, bars, etc. Imagine how much you could Accomplish if you lived life with the urgency it actually requires to be a hero. Imagine a life that your level of personal responsibility was so high, that you treat it with the urgency saving your home and your family. The fact is, it is your job to commit to these level of action for the sake of those who count on you. Be a hero in everything you do. -Become an ActionCloser 

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