When you were less than a year old, you began the process of figuring out how to walk. A process that involved many falls, many bumps and many bruises, but that you were determined to master. You spent every moment that you could, leaning and falling, grabbing on to anything above you and pulling yourself up, desperate to put one foot in front of the other. You could've cared less how many times you fell down. Nothing was going to stop you. You had no idea that it took over ninety muscles to do it, or that many of those muscles were mush because you had never used them before. All you knew is that you were going to figure it out! Nobody explained to you that what you were talking were trying to do would be nothing short of a miracle, but against all odds, against any form of logic, you did figure that out. In fact, within just a few months, you were running, full tilt, everywhere you went, learning from anything and everything around you. 

    You know, it makes me wonder if God brought us into the world incapable of understanding what the adults were saying to to protect us. If we could understand them, that we'd never accomplish anything. 

   As children, we could imagine anything being possible, but as we grew, we learned to fear pain; we became weak. Think about it: when you were five, you didn't care if you bumped your head, or skinned your knee. It didn't matter. You had a mind set on doing whatever it was that you wanted to do, but somewhere along the way, you were taught to avoid pain. We were taught that if we weren't careful, terrible things would happen. Now I understand the purpose of pain, and the dangers of living without it, but we've been so trained in the opposite direction that we fear even emotional pain. Many of us, by the time we enter the workforce, we are so afraid of pain that we become paralyzed, afraid to do anything that has any risk at all. 

    Imagine, if instead of being sheltered, instead of being taught to avoid pain at all cost, we were taught to use pain at a primal level as a tool. What if everything we set out to do, was done in the same manner we learned to walk. We fall, it hurts, and we remember the pain, studying it's cause, learning from it where we went wrong. Sometimes we would have to experience the same pain several times to figure out what changes we needed to make. What if we decided when we set out to do something, that we could expect pain, and be prepared for it? What if we were encouraged to push through the pain to achieve the miraculous? What if we lived in a world where there was no value placed on problems, but the sole focus was on solutions? What if we lived in a world with no negative perception, but only an undying need to succeed. 

Sounds impossible doesn't it? DON'T YOU DARE SAY IT! 

    The fact is, that you can live in this world, but you have to make that decision. The fact is, problems were made to be solved. The key is to be like the baby, understanding nothing but your purpose. The noise and discouragement of the outside world has to sound like the babble of a cautionary parent talking to an uncaring child. You can hear nothing; total focus on your objective. It's a matter of perception. You've got to look at pain and failure as a positive experience, designed as the ultimate teacher, guiding you toward miracle after miracle until your dreams are uninhibited by the negativity of a jaded and foolish world. 

   I have pledged myself toward a life without limits. Maybe you will to, if so, let me know. I would love to share in your journey. 

   Thanks for reading, 


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